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2 Responses to Misc

  1. Usha Bindawala says:

    Dear Darryl, I read an article about your healing techniques and was curious to learn more in context of my own problems or that of my son. I would be interested in attending your workshops if they are held in Delhi, Faridabad, Noida, Gurgaon or Punjab. I basically reside in a small town called Gobindgarh in Punjab (near Ludhiana) and would be within driving distance if the mentioned places. At the same time if I could discuss your therapy over the phone with you it would be more helpful. My contact number is +91-9779211155. Awaiting your response. Regards, Usha Bindawala

    • Dear Usha, I’ve saved your email id and you will get an invite when I do the health workshop in the places you’ve mentioned. The last workshop I’m doing this year is in Goa on 6th Oct, since I’ll be getting busy with a few other events till the end of the year. Please read my book ‘Become Healthy or Extinct’ completely and you will understand about my therapies. After that you can email me specifics of the health issues you want advice on. Warm Regards, Darryl

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