Acupressure is an ancient healing technique that is safe, because it has no side effects and does not conflict with any other system of treatment or medication a person may be using. It involves pressing certain points on the hands or the feet or the ears or on the body in any combination for healing different parts of the human body. The system of acupressure that I teach is designed to treat the entire body as a whole because that is what is required to cure chronic illness. It is a vital tool that will help you implement the 4th step of the Natural Health Therapy – Activate the body’s healing mechanisms to cure illness. Though it is part of the fourth step, you can start using it even during the 1st step of the Natural Health Therapy. That is because it is a push system of healing and does not have any pre-requisites. Pull systems on the other hand can be harmful if done vigorously when the body is already inundated, with other efforts like changes in diet and changes in habits. This acupressure system is simple to learn and one does not need to have great knowledge of either diseases or the human body, since acupressure points deal on a one to one basis with each organ of the body. Acupressure can detect which organ is ill and once it is treated with acupressure, it becomes healthy again and illness disappears over time as a natural consequence.

When I use the word ‘Acupressure’ on this website, it will mean the entire technique of Acupressure that I teach in the book Become Healthy or Extinct. It will not mean any other form of Acupressure taught by anyone else.

Acupressure points are to be pressed either on an empty stomach or 2 hrs after a meal since this is when the body derives its maximum benefit. Pressing of the acupressure points can be done once, twice or even thrice a day, till ailments disappear completely. When dealing with chronic ailments, it better to continue pressing the acupressure points on the palms or feet for an additional month, even after all symptoms of illness disappear completely, since this helps rid the illness from its roots. Pressing of the points elsewhere on the body can be stopped after a few days of complete healing.

The use of acupressure nowadays is slowly and steadily increasing as an alternative treatment, since many conventional treatments are unable to cure chronic ailments properly and some conventional treatments have side effects as well. Some treatments involve taking medications for a lifetime and many people who are on medication say they are cured, but that is such a big misnomer. In comparison, acupressure is easy to administer, it is free if you do it for yourself, it can show results very quickly in most cases and it has no side effects. This is the reason for its growing popularity and use. All that one needs is a good understanding of how to use it and that is precisely what I teach in my book and more in detail in my workshops.

How does Acupressure work?

In the human body, bioelectric current, also known as ‘Chi’ or ‘Prana’ is generated by the brain. It is constantly supplied in minute doses to each and every part of the human body through the nervous system. Chi is the life energy that is needed by all the cells of the human body for their functioning. If Chi flow to an organ were reduced, then the organ would perform sub-optimally and show signs of sickness. If its flow to an organ were totally cut off, then the organ would seem lifeless, just like the paralyzed arm of a person. Chi is the electricity that drives all movement in the human body.

This Chi can be measured in the laboratory with the help of sensitive instruments. It can also be strongly felt when nerves are severed and left open ended in the flesh after reconstructive surgery as I narrated earlier. Even though it is the nerves that carry this biocurrent, common acupressure terminology says that meridians carry the current. Nerves and meridians are not the same thing. Meridians are energetic network lines of the astral body. Nerves are situated in the physical body. When biocurrent is measured in the body, two fine electrodes are pierced into the skin till they make contact with the nerve at different points and then a reading of the current flowing through it is taken. Instruments to measure the energy flow in the astral body meridians have not yet been developed. It is necessary for me to make this distinction because I have explained that the astral body is different from the physical body. I will nevertheless continue with convention and use the word meridian (meaning nerve). There is not going to be any discrepancy between points on meridian lines or nerves, because the nerve networks follow the meridian lines very closely.

So biocurrent flows through the meridians, which run through the entire length and breadth of the human body connecting each and every organ and body part. The meridians are continuous for the most part, but have their end points located on the hands, feet and ears. All the organs on the right side of the body have their corresponding acupressure points on the right palm. It is similar for the left palm and similar for the eyes and ears as well. By pressing these acupressure end points on the hands, feet or ears, more biocurrent gets directed to the respective body part and this removes blockages in biocurrent flow. This energy flow helps in activating the blood flow, lymphatic flow, cerebrospinal fluid flow and all other mechanisms that feed off biocurrent. This is why it is a very powerful system of treatment. Another direct consequence of pressing corresponding points of organs is that toxins trapped in those organs also get freed up, which are then picked up by the blood for elimination. When this pressing is done regularly, it rejuvenates the organs, which regain their lost health in a short span of time.

Which diseases can be cured with Acupressure?

Most chronic illnesses like headaches, eye problems, throat problems, thyroid problems, heart problems, lung problems, stomach problems, digestive tract problems, kidney problems, joint and bone problems, slip disc, high or low blood pressure, cholesterol, hormonal imbalances, obesity, diabetes, asthma, sinus and skin problems can be cured with the help of acupressure. Even hereditary diseases can be cured if acupressure is correctly done between the ages of 5 to 18.

Acupressure is not a remedy for viral, bacterial or fungal infections and it cannot heal communicable or contagious diseases. It cannot kill internal parasites or pathogens that are in the body and that is why I have given you different organic methods to achieve that purpose. It can however help the body in recovering from such attacks since it rejuvenates all the systems of the human body. Regular acupressure will certainly increase immunity against all such diseases. Acupressure can to a great extent reduce the recovery time for illnesses like Tuberculosis, Pneumonia, Cholera, Typhoid, Jaundice and many other infectious diseases.

Does Acupressure have any side effects?

No, Acupressure does not have any side effects since it uses the body’s own internally generated energy to effect healing. There is no foreign or inorganic agent acting here, so there is no chance of contamination or adverse reaction or side effects. Over-pressing an acupressure point can only lead to an organ getting an extra amount of biocurrent and that only makes the organ healthier.

In conventional medicine, there could often be a wrong diagnosis. Sometimes a wrong prescription of medication could also be given. In acupressure, there is no such scope for error. The corresponding points of body parts that pain when pressed have biocurrent blockages due to their weakness. Press the points to activate the biocurrent flow once again and effect the healing of that part. This is the direct relationship between sickness in the body and Acupressure points. No other system of treatment is as simple and straightforward. Some conventional systems of treatment treat just the symptoms of disease, but Acupressure treats the root cause of the disease.

Will Acupressure work for me?

Acupressure is purely a physical system. It relies just on the human body and an individual’s effort. There is no need to have faith for it to work. If you follow the advised program, it will work on you. Marked improvements in health have happened even for totally bed ridden / paralyzed patients who could not do anything themselves, after acupressure was given by their family members.

How long will it take to cure my aliments?

Normally, people who are sick may have at least one serious chronic aliment along with other minor ailments. Treatments for long-standing chronic aliments may last between 4 to 6 months, depending on how serious the ailment is. Minor ailments may disappear within a couple of weeks to a month.

You need to do an acupressure session on yourself and it may take about 30 minutes per session. The recommendation is to do 2 such sessions in a day. Needless to say that if your chronic ailments could go away within 4 months if you do acupressure twice a day, then it would take almost 8 months if you did it only once a day. The speed of the recovery depends on a practitioner’s efforts. A practitioner can do it up to 3 times a day also and get cured even faster.

1 hour a day just for Acupressure?

Your may be aware of your chronic aliment, since say the last 3 years, but what you do not realize is that its seeds have been sowed in your body probably 3 years prior to that. So to say that 6 years of illness in the body can be repaired by just 1 hour of treatment daily for 3 months is nothing short of a miracle! Have the right perspective. Most other natural treatments take more than double this time to cure illness.

Take a look around you and see how everyone in some form or the other is spending on an average of 1 to 2 hrs a day on health doing activities like a long morning walk or jog, pranayam, yoga, workout or aerobics at the gym, swimming, an activity sport, a rigorous diet and regular visits to the doctor or the health clinic. If you are not already spending any time doing such activities, then you should, because stress, pollution, unhealthy food and bad habits in our daily lives are worsening our health and that has to be counter-balanced by some fitness activity.

If you do acupressure that covers all your organs, it is like giving the whole body a workout. You will not need any other form of exercise to remain fit, except moving all your body parts for flexibility and agility. Simple stretches and joint rotations or regular work that gives your body an overall workout will stimulate the blood, lymphatic, cerebrospinal, muscle, tendon and joint systems to keep you fit enough. Acupressure can be embedded into some of your other regular activities like reading the morning paper / watching TV / chatting / reading a book etc. You do not really need to make a separate time in your day to do it. Most other fitness activities do require an exclusive time. This is one great conveniences of acupressure.

Are there any diet restrictions in this acupressure system?

For the best and fastest results, one should be on a 100% vegetarian diet. Non-vegetarian habits only slow down the effectivity and speed of the treatment. This is only natural, because man is by design, a fruit eater and a vegetarian. The body heals itself fastest in this environment.

When and where should one avoid Acupressure?

When one has a fever. Treatment will release more toxins and tax the immune system further.

When one is pregnant and has pregnancy complications or a history of miscarriages.

If one has deep vein thrombosis. Pressing directly on the clot could rupture it.

If one is suffering from Epilepsy, take care of the head and brain reflex acupressure points.

Avoid giving acupressure to someone with a contagious disease. Let them do it for themselves.

Do not do acupressure over injuries or sores, varicose veins, corns, inflamed or puffy areas.

Do not do acupressure over re-productive organs during menstrual flow.

For further working knowledge of Acupressure, please download my book ‘Become Healthy or Extinct’ on the homepage of this website and read it.



14 Responses to Acupressure

  1. pardaman singh says:

    This piece of information is motivating me to learn more about acupressure.

  2. Veera Brahmam says:

    Hi Darryl, Thanks for the e-book and valuable information. I have read it completely and found it very useful. I have got some stomach problem like getting cold when I eat curd rice with curd cream. When I pressed stomach points, I am getting pain. I am not able to understand what to be done. Any suggestions for me? Please let me know, when are planning to conduct workshop at Bangalore. Warm Regards, Veera Brahmam

    • Veera Brahmam says:

      Hi Darryl, After reading the e-book again, I found that it is related to Stomach ulcers and I’m planning to do intestine cleaning and accupressue techniques. Thanks for the valuable information. Did Kidney cleansing and having more alkaline food. One question to you regarding Accupressure points. Looks like Accupressure points are hand drawn by you. How did you find the find the Accupressure points? Warm Regards, Veera Brahmam

      • Hi Veera, You’re very welcome. I’m glad to know that you have started implementing the advice given in the book. I’ve given these acupressure points after a lot of research of all acupressure systems, but mainly also after verifying them with my patients over the years. Regards, Darryl

    • You’re most welcome Dear Veera. You could be lactose intolerant, so please stop having curd. I have explained in my book, no milk or milk products, and that includes curd. Please do attend my health workshop when I do it in Bangalore next. I have saved your email to our database, so you will get the invite when I schedule a workshop for Bangalore. Best Regards, Darryl

  3. Veera Brahmam says:

    Hi Darryl, One more question related to optional treatments “Health Drink powder”, “Q Mixure”. If we wanted to restart again, what will be the time gap for these treatments?

  4. dangsaloni says:

    Hi, I read that part.. and wanted to attend the workshop… so the details? Day, place and price. thanx.. just to begin with.

  5. Sai Murthy says:

    Very good explanation. I like it.. U rock :)

  6. Phirroza Cama says:

    Please let me know about your accupressure workshops in Mumbai

    Phirroza Cama

  7. Pall says:

    HI Darryl, I’ve been really inspired by your e-book and have gone totally raw vegan. I take fruits for breakfast, 3 ounces of almonds with 3 table Spoons of ground flaxseed for lunch and an organic raw meal shake for dinner. I also take a mixture of 250ml of lukewarm water with 1 tbs of raw honey, 1 tsp turmeric powder, 1 tsp cinnamon powder & 1/4 tsp ground black pepper first thing in the morning and also 30mins before going to bed. I have a question on acupressure. When you work on a point that has pain, do you press, release, press release or do you press and hold for a certain length of time? Also how long do you work on each point that needs healing?

  8. Sim says:

    My mom (68 years old) used to use this machine for acupressure at home for 5 min in the morning and evening but since she has developed age related macular degeneration, she stopped using it as using this might have caused eye hemorrhage 5 years ago. Just wanted your advice whether she should resume using it again or is manual acupressure better. She has high bp problem since long.

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