4 Responses to Meridians

  1. Vidhi Joshi says:

    Hello Darryl, first of all i would say you are doing such a great job by guiding and helping others. taking care of health should be the first priority. i need some help and guidance from you to heal my body. have some issues and need to discuss. would you mind sharing your expertise?

    • Thank You Vidhi, but I don’t do upfront private consultations anymore. My full day intensive health workshop in different cities in India where I taught people how to reverse Chronic Illnesses such as diabetes, bp, cholesterol, thyroid, arthritis, obesity, acidity, gout, constipation, migraine, chronic fatigue, digestive disorders, asthma, heart disease, kidney disease, fatty liver, hormonal imbalance, backache, autoimmune diseases, cancer and many more illnesses with Integrated Natural Therapies is now an online workshop described in this event and can be done anytime over 2-3 days

      Once you do this workshop and understand all the aspects of my Integrated Natural Healing System, I can do a consultation with you after the workshop to make sure you have understood your healing protocol properly.

      Kind Regards, Darryl D’Souza

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