Natural Medicines

Through our unnatural food choices and bad habits like cooking, we constantly deprive the human body of all the good nutrition it was supposed to get. It is only when we become aware that we are becoming sick due to nutritional deficiencies that we take the advice of doctors and nutritionists and start eating nutritional supplements and superfoods. These foods are after all, just different forms of natural food that seek to replace regular nutrition. Organic nutritional supplements and superfoods are beneficial no doubt, but they come at a much higher price and try to fix a much simpler problem of us not eating the naturally available foods that we are supposed to eat.

The fact is that every food on this planet has got some great nutrients in it. All we need to do is, have a good amount of rotation in our foods to get all these nutrients. If you are not really aware of the amazing nutrition in some of our most common foods have, please click the name of each food or herb on the right. The use of these foods are also detailed in the ancient Indian Ayurvedic system, the Traditional Chinese Medicine system and many other traditional systems of organic medicine.

Many of our vegetarian food sources nowadays no longer carry the level of nutrition that they once did because they are being grown in soils that are nutritionally deficient all due to destructive modern farming and cultivation methods. We have really lost focus that we need to rebuild our soils so that they can grow healthy vegetation again. There are very few people who advocate healthy farming practices. Their voices should be heard and their knowledge implemented, if we want to have a better future.

Before your scramble for expensive superfoods that are imported from all the corners of the world, so that some smart people can become richer, support the cultivation of live nutritious foods in your own farming localities. Give enough attention to understanding why the human body is getting degraded and failing to draw adequate nutrition from our normal sources of food. Work towards finding organic replacements for the inorganic products that are destroying our bodies and our environments. These are the foundations of sustainable ecosystems that we need to build for our future generations.











Green Tea

Himalayan Salt


Milk Thistle










2 Responses to Natural Medicines

  1. Salil Raj says:

    Why is magnesium in a tablet of magnesium oxide not absorbed by the body but magnesium in bananas absorbed by the body.

  2. arun says:

    Sir, could you please suggest some simple technique for liver cleanse. I have also been suffering from UTI since last 2 years and earlier with stones. We are bachelors and do not have a fridge.

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