Face Analysis

Face AnalysisThe face zones shown in the diagram above, are the end points of specific internal organ meridians. Refer the Meridians tab under the Acupressure tab above. The heat, toxicity and illness energy in organs are passed onto the face zones through these meridians. As per my experience, this diagram is 90% correct.

Inorganic substance coatings on the face will affect the internal organs negatively! This is why makeup made of inorganic chemicals can be very harmful. Organic substance coatings like turmeric, organic face pack, organic balms and cucumbers on the eyes or forehead will benefit the internal organs positively!

Around these areas on the face, there are indications of texture, puffiness, skin discoloration and even missing facial hair growth. Unfortunately not even half of these indications are described in any one book. What I am detailing below is from my validation of some books and charts and my experience with patients.

Skin becoming dark brown at the site indicates biological organism damage or inorganic medicine damage to that organ. Below the lower eyelid if the skin is brown, it indicates Liver damage.

Skin becoming black at the area indicates blood flow blockages in that organ.

Skin becoming puffy, like as if filled with water or even tiny skin blisters on the area indicates inflammation due to irritation from foreign substance accumulation or biological organism damage or cellular degeneration in that organ. Puffiness below the lower eyelid indicates kidney damage.

Skin discoloration indicates that the intrinsic factor of that organ is partly damaged. Intrinsic factor means, the cells of that organ are damaged to some extent and they cannot absorb the nutrition that they are supposed to, thereby causing nutritional deficiencies in the body as well. This is why you will see malnutritioned children always having discolored skin patches on the face.

Tiny spots of missing hair growth on the face indicate long-term cellular disturbance to that organ. The cells at that region in the organ are not able to maintain proper cellular pH and electric charge, thereby sending faulty current signals to their corresponding face spots, which destabilize the electric charge at the hair follicle roots. This sabotages the healthy hair growth.

This is why smooth facial skin, with uniform color and slight moisture are indications of good internal organ health.

Always try to figure out the period from when the indications on the face appear. Consider skin below the lower eyelids becoming puffy. If it is a recent occurrence, then try to see what could recently be affecting those organs negatively. It could be too much of packaged food or a new inorganic sweetener or some new inorganic Allopathic medication like Antibiotics that are silently causing kidney or liver inflammation.

EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique) is based on principles of Acupressure. The corresponding meridians points for EFT spots are:

Sore Spot = ST14

EB = Beginning of the EyeBrow = B1

SE = Side of the Eye = GB1

UE = Under the Eye = St2

UN = Under the Nose = GV26

Ch = Chin = CV24

CB = Beginning of the CollarBone = K27

UA = Under the Arm = Sp21

BN = Below the Nipple = Liv14

Th = Thumb = Lu11

IF = Index Finger = Li1

MF = Middle Finger = P9

BF = Baby Finger = H9

KC = Karate Chop = SI3

Gamput Point = TW3


13 Responses to Face Analysis

  1. priyanka Agrawalla says:

    Hi Darryl, I read your book and it helped me a lot… Thanks!

  2. Dhanoo says:

    What can I do to improve my Thyroid? I have lost hair on the end of my eyebrow due to Thyroid. Also there is discoloration of my skin on the cheeks. DHK

    • Dear Dhanoo, please attend one of my health workshops. You will learn how to treat your Thyroid with Acupressure and you will also be able to check the health of other internal organs to see what is contributing to your cheeks discoloration.

  3. Tanuja says:

    Hi Darryl, Reading your book and I feel positive. I am going to do the juice therapy and also wish to know about Acupressure, where can one do this in Pune? I will appreciate a response via mail. Thank you, Tanuja

  4. Rajneesh says:

    Dear Darryl, It’s great to see such knowledge being spread in an easy to understand manner. Great Job! Please let me know if you have any workshop in Delhi or sorrounding area. I will make it a point to attend. Thanks a lot! Regards, Rajneesh

  5. Priyanka says:

    Dear Darryl, first of all I would like to tell that I’m a huge fan of your book. I have definitely benefited a lot from it which is pretty obvious for anyone to notice as I had a lot of acne which has completely vanished now. For a long time now I’ve been waiting to attend one of ur workshops but as I reside in Delhi I’ve still not got the opportunity. So please let me know whenever your holding the same in delhi. Also I’ve been suffering from varicose n spider veins due to sitting for long working hours so apart from acupressure therapy which is mentioned in your book, can u please advise me with some remedy which according to you would work. Thanks a lot! Regards Priyanka

  6. John says:

    Can you use Himalayan rose pink crystal salt fine. No Additives. Unrefined

  7. sameer desai says:

    Thank U so much for sharing some wonderful facts about Health, Food & Nature through your book. I WISH U A LONG, HAPPY, PROSPEROUS, PEACEFUL, HEALTHY LIFE. GOD BLESS YOU.

  8. Jay says:

    Dear Darryl, I have really become enlightened by reading your material and I have been empowered to take full control of my health. Thank you so much for the amazing work you are doing. Can I please have the “face analysis” material in a way that can be downloaded and studied offline.

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