33 Responses to Techniques

  1. D.S.Rautela says:

    Reading your book almost daily to register in mind. Thanks.

  2. Veera Brahmam says:

    Thanks Darryl for the valuable information. It is very useful and I am using this book for my reference. Can you please let me know when you will be adding the Acupressure Techniques here?

    • You’re most welcome Veera. I’ve not put up the video of the various pressing techniques, because one can’t really get the hang of it, since the proper pressure can be felt only in person, so I suggest that you attend my next workshop when it happens in your city for the best results. Regards, Darryl

  3. Ravi says:

    Hi.. waiting for the video of the accupressure techniques.. can’t wait to follow what you say !! I have unexplained ailments.. as per doctor (Herpes in one eye and retinal veins swelling in other) so I am looking forward to using this technique.

    • Hi Ravi, I’ve not yet put up the video of the various pressing techniques, because people don’t seem to follow them well by video. I suggest that you attend my next workshop when it happens in your city for best results!

  4. Hello Sir, I was trying to find out about cucumber parsley coriander mint and green grape juice and clicked the above words on google and hit upon your website… and I suppose that is how good accidents happen or should I say : valuable gifts arrive from one to another.
    I am totally overwhelmed by what I have seen of your website and I have downloaded your e-book which I will be reading in the days to come. I will be passing on information about you and your website to many individuals who I know and I hope that you have the fullest heart of joy. But i do not need to hope for that do I… you are indeed blessed and the way you share it all is totally priceless. And this soul in me smiles to you and your work.. Thank You.
    I hope to reap valuable STUFF OF GOODNESS from your website, and I am already 67 3/4 and only recently bought myself a machine to make juice concoctions… and I feel so happy inside drinking these juices. But I need to do it right and I hope to learn a lot through you…and your words. Perhaps one day I will meet you to say a Hello in person. I live in London by the way. All the very best, from Mahendra Shah.

  5. Joseph Tharappel says:

    Hello Darryl, Thanks for the wonderful insights into natural health therapies. I am particularly fascinated by Acupressure techniques. To treat and cure swelling / goiter nodules on thyroids do you have any specific advice in addition to what is given in the book? Regarding the acupressure technique, can you elaborate on following ?
    1. Amount of pressure applied
    2. From the hand diagram, it is difficult to locate those areas correctly for certain organs. it is going to be approximate. Do we need to apply the pressure along the whole line or area ?
    Please let us know your workshop schedule in Goa during July – December and also your contact phone number.

    • Thank You Joseph, Please attend my workshop to get the correct experience of the acupressure techniques. I’ve noted your email address and you will receive an email when I’m doing my next health workshop in Goa. Emailing you my contact no. Regards, Darryl

  6. Shanthi says:

    When is this happening in Mumbai? I really do want to attend your workshop and meet you as well.

  7. Jyoti says:

    Hi, I have just started reading the book however mostly for now reading acupressure part. my father is suffering from Parkinson and I am looking if acupressure can cure this and if u can suggest. also, I m keen in getting trained on acupressure, pls suggest how can I do this

    • Dear Jyoti, Parkinson can’t be cured by Acupressure alone. Please read the book from the start and make necessary changes to your father’s diet first. That will help reverse Parkinson. For a start, stop having Milk and ALL milk products, stop using table salt, and stop using aluminium vessels for cooking. Use Himalayan Rock Salt instead for cooking. To learn Acupressure you will need to attend one of my 1 day health workshops. Which city do you live in? Regards, Darryl

  8. Russell Hayden says:

    Question on when the Techniques section will be updated??

  9. Varun Kassana says:

    Hi, I am reading your book. Almost about to finish it.You have shared great information. I have started implementing changes in my diet and I am amazed to learn the information from your book. You have done a great job. Waiting for the content on this page to learn the acupressure technique. Thanks

  10. Manjit singh says:

    Hi dear darryl d. Its dam good book… Pls tell me how can i get its hard copy…

  11. Rahul shaw says:

    Sir your book is awesome. I have some problem in doing acupressure. Please sir let me know when your workshop will be held in KOLKATA. 🙏🙏🙏

  12. Emon says:

    Dear sir, I am from Bangladesh. For me, due to a lot of reasons, it is not possible to attend your workshops.
    In this case, however the video is, I think this will help us understand acupressure to some extent more or less.

  13. Devesh says:

    Hi Darryl, such a good book but one suggestion please make YouTube videos of the exercises you have mentioned in the last part, that will be much easier to understand.

  14. Albert Carvalho says:

    Hi Darryl,I would like to attend your work shop on accpressure,I am from Goa,Margao

  15. Asish Chakrabarti says:

    Dear Darryl, It is fascinating to go through your book. Moreover I wish to attend your workshop as I am suffering from bladder, prostate and kidney problems though I am doing acupressure as detailed in your book. I live in Kolkata. Please let me know about your workshop. Thanks, Regards

  16. Madhulika Ashok says:

    Sir, How can I learn acupressure technics at home because I cant attend your workshop. Is it available online?

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