Ayni Tree Movement

WHAT IS IT? It is a movement that generates Reciprocity, Harmony and Collaboration among the Tree Kingdom and Humans.

AYNI TREES is also project created to:

  1. Support the wellbeing of the Tree Kingdom and all related Kingdoms: Elementals, Water, Earth, Wind, Fire, Humans and Animals.
  2. Reforest – Especially species that purify water and help bring fresh water to the surface.
  3. Restore the wellbeing of endangered Tree Species.
  4. Restore the wellbeing of soils and sweet water, ensuring the purity of these vital elements for many generations to come.
  5. Recognize the Tree Kingdom as our partners in our evolution and graduate from the distorted view that Trees are a “commodity” or “renewal resource”.
  6. Collectively generate alternative materials that will eventually replace the usage of wood for our daily needs.
  7. Provide villages alternatives to tree cutting for fuel. E.g. Provide Solar Power Panels and devices for cooking and house heating.
  8. Make humans conscious of their detrimental actions on the Tree Kingdom, their environment and themselves.
  9. Educate humans on the different aspects of: RECIPROCITY, BALANCE and TRUE PROSPERITY through the interaction with the Tree Kingdom and Mother Nature.
  10. Support the evolution of Human Consciousness.


The seed for this project was planted back in 2011 during the last Inka Initiatory Journey lead by beloved Amautha (Inka Sacred Teacher) Amautha Tahuiro Wamankanki and his right hand Inka Initiate Alejendrah DeLaCourt.  Beloved Amautha Tahuiro merged with the Spirit World in December 2011 and Alejendrah took the steps to actualize this common dream years later upon completion of a series of personal tests and initiations in 2018.


We plan a global schedule to have Trees planted round the clock. The schedule is determined according to each town, village or city planting season. When do we start?

  • Planting locations confirmed for February 18th, 2018:
    1. Taquile Island of Lake TitiKaka in Peru
    2. Yucatán Peninsula in Mexico
    3. Guativita town in Colombia
    4. Auckland city in New Zealand
    5. Tagaitai in Philippines.
  • Planting locations confirmed for April 2018:
    1. Tastayoq community of Cusco in Perú
  • Seedling growing confirmed for May 2018
    1. Goa, Mumbai, Pune, Delhi and Bangalore in India with Darryl & Teams
  • Planting locations confirmed for June 2018:
    1. Goa, Mumbai, Pune, Delhi and Bangalore in India with Darryl & Teams


  1. Launching of this movement on Social Media on February 9th 2018.
  2. Identify partners to plant trees on other locations.
  3. Rally campaigns on Social Media upon launching.


  1. Seasoned and experienced advisors to support the shaping of AYNI TREES MOVEMENT.
  2. Partners worldwide to coordinate, organize and carry out tree planting and educational activities.
  3. Volunteers.
  4. Angel investors and or donors to fund our projects.

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