Organic Farming

Now I have to grow my own organic veges around my house because I don’t want to eat chemical infused veges from Belgaum and you can’t even get some organic produce in a natural place like Goa, because lesser Goans are farming, thanks to their land being bought out by every other real estate company in India, hand in glove with some of Goa’s politicians who are busy converting agricultural land in Goa to residential or commercial properties through their devious schemes in favor of some unnecessary commercial projects not really required for Goa now.

So I’m forced to become a farmer as well in one more lifetime to save my life, but hey! this is good work  and I love being close to Mother Earth for some time everyday.

So I have just 400 sq mtrs at my place in Candolim, Goa. 200 goes to the house, front lawn and car park and only 200 sq mtrs is left for growing veges. I stay near the beach, so it is sandy soil as well… but I managed to convert it to good growing soil. In situ composting is the key. Wondering why fate didn’t make me a big ‘Bhatkar’ instead, where I would have had over 100 acres where I could have had huge organic farms that would feed me and my extended family and friends and neighbors and also the Earth Keepers Market that I do here in Goa on Sundays… would have been really proud of that.

Wondering about all the big landowners in Goa who are just waiting for a ‘good offer’ to sell off yet another piece of their motherland to some who wants to make just another tall building or hotel for profit with no care for nature or the culture of this land. Can we please make some sensible appeals to such folks? Yes, they gain in money, but they lose what’s theirs – they lose their chance for healthy food, they lose their chance of creating employment in Goa, they lose their chance to protect Goa from concreteization, pollution, more garbage and finally, their children lose a good natural inheritance.

The only consolation for me now is that I have an ancestral plot of 600 sq mtrs 2 mins walk away from my place. It has no water connection or electricity supply. So am preparing the land now to grow monsoon veges  Mother Nature will give free water in the rains  So hoping to get more produce from it. More pics will come in this Album as I grow more and harvest more.

This post is not about me. It is to inspire you… to also do what I have done. I was also just another person living in a flat in a metro city because of a high paying job. I gave it all up… and now I make more than twice that money… and I have a beautiful world that I wake up to every morning.

Please do not sell your land off to be converted into another piece of concrete jungle. This planet is dying because of it. The city model is a terrible failure as some of you are now experiencing. Many are leaving cities and coming back to the country to save their lives. Enjoy the pics! Leave some comments and photos of your own veges  God Bless!

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2 Responses to Organic Farming

  1. Cm says:

    Food without fertilizers, fungicides and pesticides are difficult to grow, I have been trying but have not been getting any yield. Your suggestions would be well appreciated. Please communicate via my mail. Thank you!

  2. Sarah says:

    How can people make money from growing organic foods? People in India are looking for cheap veggies but pay a lot at malls.

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