Power Vision

Power Vision

How delighted would you feel when you hear people asking you why they don’t see you wearing eye-glasses anymore? Modern living with a lot of TV watching, Computer usage and other screen displays means that our eye focus remains fixed for long periods of time in the day, and its lenses do not get used as much as nature intended, resulting in many people having a multitude of eyesight problems. Eye-glasses do not correct your vision, they make you dependent. The Power Vision pack actually corrects defective eyesight, something that eye-glasses, prescription or not, can’t do. Get rid of your eye-glasses and get great powerful natural vision.

This is a unique product combining 5 tried, proven and tested methods of helping to improve eyesight.

Firstly they are pinhole glasses. This was discovered by the Chinese more than 5000 years ago. They noticed that many people who were having trouble focusing on target would screw their hand up into a ball and look through the pinhole made by their hand. This enabled people to see well. The pinhole glasses are an enhancement of that natural method of getting the eye into focus.

Remember by wearing normal glasses your eyes, over time, adjust to the glasses. So let your eyes adjust to the pinhole glasses and over time your eyesight should improve.

Secondly the kit has the nutritional approach. It has long been know that certain vitamins and minerals have a positive effect on your eyesight, take carrots for example.

Thirdly the kit also has exercises for the eyes. People often exercise their bodies in many different ways and we know without exercise, your body ceases to work efficiently. Likewise, your eyes also need exercising on regular basis to maintain good eye health.

Fourthly we have information! It is said that knowledge is power. This certainly is true when is comes to understanding your body. The book in the kit about your eyes will give you knowledge to understand how your eyes work and the conditions required to make your eyes work the most efficient. Remember knowledge is Power but the Application of Knowledge is Awesome!

Lastly we have the Hypnotherapy CD. Paradoxically it has been found that your eyes work best from a relaxed neutral position, focusing in and out as required. This CD is designed to help you reach the deep state of natural relaxation from where your eyes will operate at their optimum efficiency.

How would you know if Power Vision will work for you? Very Simple!

  1. Remove your existing glasses or lenses and try to read some fine print that you can’t. Then put on the glasses and read the same print. In most cases, people are able to see bigger and brighter letters. This indicates that the glasses are already correcting your eyes. So it will definitely work for you.
  2. If you are far-sighted, look in the distance at some detail or writing that is not clear to you. Then look at it through the Power Vision glasses and see if you can see it better.
  3. If you see no improvement, you may have some organic eye defect that is not related to your eye lens function, and Power Vision may not help you.

 How easy is it to put Power Vision to use? Very Simple again!

Just start reading with it for 1/2 hr in the morning and 1/2 hr in the evening everyday, and watch your eye number correction begin within 10 days itself. Read the manuals for more info on using the kit effectively. It will take 2-3 months for its full effect. Be regular with its use during this period, and show your eyes that you care!

Power Vision corrects myopia, hyperopia, presbyopia, and astigmatism as well. It comes with a 3 month money back guarantee, which means that if you get no eyesight improvement after 3 months of using it as recommended,  you can return to us in an undamaged condition and we will refund your money.

The Power Vision Kit costs Rs.2000. To order it, please email your name, address, PIN code & contact number to becomehealthyorextinct@gmail.com. You will receive an email with payment instructions. It gets delivered by courier anywhere in India within 3 days. If you would like to gift Power Vision to someone, please go to this page.


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