Reverse Aging

The human body was designed to be in a growth phase till the age of 50 years, and so also, perfectly healthy with no signs of aging till this time. In my book ‘Become Healthy or Extinct” I explain why this is so. Now this may certainly be news to you, if you have long held the wrong notion that the human body has a growth phase that lasts for about 25 years, followed by a plateau phase till about 40 years of age, after which a phase of decline is imminent.

Do you see my 35 years old photo below? That was when I was dying of many illness and no doctor could save my life. From then on I worked for my health and saved myself using natural therapies. From 2005 till today I have not fallen ill for a single day! and I have not taken a single pill! and I have reverse aged almost 20 years!

See my last photo of 2020? I have almost the same weight, the same waist and the same energy that I had when I was 25 years old. Even at 50 years of age, I am still a youth of 25!

If you want such a miracle in your life too, then read my book on and attend my next 1-day health workshop that’s scheduled here




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57 Responses to Reverse Aging

  1. Shira Nahari says:

    Phenomenal! What a trip! Thanks so much for making this inspiring series of photos available generally!

    Deepak Chopra illustrated how aging is in the mind with an experiment you may have heard of. He recreated the world of the 50’s and immersed a group of elderly people in it (clothes, cars, music, the whole enchilada). Over time they youthed. When he put the group back in their usual environment they aged.

    Namaste, _/\_

    • maildarryl says:

      You’re most welcome Shira! Thanks to your request, others can see this page too. Yes, Deepak Chopra’s amazing experiment proves some of the reasons for reverse aging. Hope my book sheds enough light on how to keep those youthful changes permanent :)

      Namaste _/\_

  2. Angel Annu says:

    Dear Darryl, I’m so sure you’re on your way to becoming sweet sixteen once again!! Thank you for proving yet another unbelievable truth in your book. There is so much that you bring to light in your book “Become Healthy or Extinct”, that I’m going to call it “The Book of Revelations”. Much Love to You and your work. Annu.

  3. Darryl, I’ve yet to go through your book which has been strongly recommended by Dr.Asha Bharadwaj. Can’t wait to get my copy. Your photos above speak for themselves. Dr.Asha says she hasn’t ever read anything like this before. How do I get information about your workshops. Would like to attend one. Best Wishes.

  4. Terence Fernandes says:

    I just came across your book today, which was forwarded by a friend. I have yet to go through the entire book, but I can say that the first few pages got me hooked. I have been miserable over the last few months suffering from what the doctors have diagnosed as Acid Reflux, Dyspepsia, and Antral Gastritis and the medication is driving me nuts. I am H-Pylori positive. I have still 7 days of treatment for eradication of H-Pylori. The endoscopy and Ultrasound scans surprisingly don’t point out to a serious condition. I am sure that I have been misdiagnosed or that the medication is not agreeing with me. Over the last 2 months I haven’t been able to get even 2 to 3 hours of sleep at night, as I get a sickening pain in the throat which comes in waves, and it has now developed into a kind of sleep anxiety. I am 55 years old. I would like to join your workshop in Mumbai, so could you please mail me the venue and the dates? Do I have to register?

    • Dear Terence, I will be in Hyderabad for 1 week and then return to Goa on 24th Dec. May not come to Mumbai till end Jan. In the mean time, continue reading my book and speak to my friend Ashvin Dalal in Mumbai. He will help you with your condition. I have just mailed you his contact no. The dates and location of my next workshop are updated on my webpage Best Regards, Darryl

      • Terence Fernandes says:

        Dear Darryl, Belated thanks for your reply. I missed your reply, as well as seem to have missed out on Ashvin Dalal’s contact number. I shall be grateful if you could email me Ashvin’s contact once again. I have bookmarked and will follow this link. I am interested in your workshop and will try to make it either in Mumbai or even would plan to attend in Goa depending on my leave as I am UAE based. Thanks once again and awaiting Ashvin’s contact. Best Regards, Terence

  5. suchismita says:

    Dear Darryl, I just sent you an email about my acid reflux problem, so much like Terrence. I am posted in Calcutta. Is there any chance of you conducting a workshop here? I came to know about you from Nandini who spoke highly of you. I would like to meet you personally. Regards, Suchismita

    • Dear Suchismita, Thank you for your interest in my work. There is no plan as yet for a workshop in Calcutta, but I will go through your email and reply to it by this evening. Regards, Darryl

  6. padmini says:

    Dear Darryl, I am an MBBS doctor and the concept of holistic medicine has always intrigued me. Please let me know what can I do to cure my Myopia. I have been near-sighted since I was 12 years, now am 39 and have high myopia. I really believe that in allopathy there is no answer for the same. Waiting for an answer from you. Thank you. Padmini Sharma

    • Dear Dr.Sharma, please do the treatment for ‘Eye Problems’ as advised on page 154 of my e-book, twice a day. Also reduce sea salt and stop table-salt (sea salt) completely. Use rock salt (potassium chloride) instead, as detailed on page 79. After one month of doing both, try Sun Yoga as detailed on my website for 15 days, till your gazing time reaches 15 mins. Do not go beyond 15 mins. Then please mail me at about your progress. Regards, Darryl

  7. Anand Prakash SIngh says:

    Dear Darryl, Good Morning. It was a pleasure reading your e-book for healthy life. Thanks for writing and sharing this kind of knowledge which is rare and consolidated in a single book. Please let me know when there will be a workshop in Delhi. With Best Regards and Many Thanks. Anand Prakash Singh

  8. Timothy says:

    Pretty nice post. I simply stumbled upon your blog and wanted to say that I have truly enjoyed surfing around your weblog posts. In any case I’ll be subscribing to your rss feed and I’m hoping you write again soon!

  9. Vasta says:

    I have seen your pictures and it is indeed amazing how you reversed your age. I am 43, but people call me old woman, yet those older than me look younger. I have been stressed since 1997 till last year without sleep and post nasal drip as a result of acid reflux, empty nose syndrome and I am just trying to cope. I really need to revive my age back to normal. How can I get your book to help me reverse my age? I will be grateful for your quick response. My email is Vasta

    • Hi Vasta, pre-mature aging is a sign of many things going wrong in the body, so you will have to rectify those wrong things and also follow healthy habits and healthy foods and then, reverse aging will happen naturally. So please read my book and you will understand all that needs to be done step by step. If you live in Goa, India, please attend my health workshop this Sunday to get a good start on your healing phase.

  10. shikha says:

    Hello! Can you please tell me from where can I buy this book in Kolkata? My e mail id is Bye

    • Hello Shika, The book is not available in stores as yet, so you will have to order it as instructed on the home page of this website. You can also buy a copy from me when I’m in Kolkata from 23rd Aug to 27th Aug at Flat 202, Shanti Bldg, 18/71/1, Dover Lane – Kolkata. Do attend the 1-day workshop on 23rd Aug at this place. For details, see Thank You. Darryl

  11. Terence Fernandes says:

    Dear Darryl, Kindly let me know if you have any plans for a workshop in Mumbai or Goa in September 2013. I shall be grateful if you could let me know as early as possible as I have to plan my leave accordingly. Thanks and Best Regards

  12. dasfreakeffect says:

    Great site and great book!!! When will you be posting your next picture(s)? Awesome Job!!!!

  13. Annu Sharma says:

    Your age reversing seen through your pictures is amazing Darryl. There are many who have written about age reversal, but they have all aged, and there are some who have written about immortaility, but even they are aging or already 6 feet under. You practice what you preach and you prove it too! You are a rare gift to us all. Highest Regards, Annu

  14. james says:

    This is simply amazing! Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge and experience about life.

  15. bharat says:

    Hi Darryl! Wow ! What an inspiring story! Interested in your workshop. Please do inform about upcoming programme in Mumbai or Pune. Thanx

  16. rohit chhabra says:

    Hi Darrly. First of all, many thanks for all the info. I would like to know more about age reversing. Thanks

  17. Nilza Pelentir says:

    I’m amazed by this n really want to know more about.

  18. Ujjwala Upaasana says:

    Wow!!! Amazing.

  19. F. Fernandes says:

    Hi Darryl, My friend told me about your book. I have downloaded it, as he has spoken so much and you being from Goa is there any chance that i can meet you or attend your workshop.

    • Dear F Fernandes, I have added your email to my Goa contacts list and will send you an email as soon as I do my next program in Goa. I do give personal consultations too, but not many nowadays as I keep very busy with organisational work. Please call on 9821758877 if you would like to speak to me. Thank You. Darryl

  20. Tim says:

    Hi Darryl! What I realize from your message about today’s lifestyle of eating is that if we eat stored food, our body will do the same, i.e. store the food inside, and make our body just a storage area and not a machine. Tell me one thing, What I decipher from you is that you are for seasonal foods but these days almost all things are grown throughout the year, so how will one know the real season of the food?

  21. Graham Hobday says:

    Wow! This is so amazing! Thank you so much for sharing this and also your knowledge and book, it is helping me so much and I am sure has helped thousands of people around the World. I would love to attend one of your workshops, are you planning on coming to the UK? Thank you!

  22. Parmjit Dhillon says:

    Dear Darryl, I’m so amazed seeing the album of pics above., and I’m so happy to have come across your videos which are truly amazing. I have yet to get your book, although I have read your life story and it is so inspiring. I would also be interested in joining you for a workshop and if my future plans permit me I would definitely find time. I live in the UK and if ever you come over this way please let me know, otherwise Goa it will be. Kind Regards, Pammi

  23. Kanthraj says:

    Hi Darryl, I prayed to god for my present health condition seeking some fortune, the next day I happened to see your TEDx speech and I started to know more about you. Though my problem is not so serious, I don’t want it to get serious in the future. Though I came to know about you very late I still don’t want to miss the opportunity to be healthy through natural therapy. I tried to buy your book “Become healthy or extinct” but it is not available at my location and even at online stores. I have downloaded the soft copy but wish to have one book with me. Please let me know how can I buy it. Thanks, Kanth

  24. Filandro Godinho says:

    HELLO DARRYL, I am impressed by your book “Reverse Aging” I am from Margao In Goa and would like to meet you in Goa for some consultation. Kindly let me know the dates you will be available in Goa, due to your busy schedule. Kindly let me know your contact no.also i wish to consult your friend Ashwin Dallal in Mumbai Kindly let me know his contact no. Thank you

    • Dear Filandro, I have only written one book so far and it’s name is ‘Become Healthy or Extinct’ :) I don’t do private consultations anymore due to lack of time, so I treat people in workshops only. Please give me your email id and whatsapp number, so I can keep you informed of when I do one in South Goa. Sorry to tell you that Mr.Ashwin Dalal passed away last year. Regards. Darryl

  25. Agi says:

    Hi Darryl, I live in the other side of the world and I stumbled upon your TED talk a few days ago on YT. I purchased your book and I am still reading it. I am studying nursing at a university and I want to help people to regain or preserve their health starting with myself. I am also going to be 50 this year and even though I am not “ill”, I am obese (99 kg still even though I’ve already lost 10) and I am struggling with fatigue and focus problems. I am committed to become super healthy and regain my ideal weight. I’ve been vegetarian for 7 months now. Thank you for your book and I appreciate any and all help & advise. You are awesome!! :)

    • Hello Agi, thanks for connecting :) I’m happy you are trying to do your best to become healthy and want to help others too. Please follow the diet on page 149 of my book. It will help you get to your ideal body weight. Also join my online full day intensive health program to get key insights and protocols to make you fast track on this wonderful journey and to resolve your fatigue and focus problems as well this program is done, but you can still register for it and I will make the course available to you. Kind Regards, Darryl

      • Agi Gulyas says:

        Hi Darryl, thank you so much for your reply. I wrote an email to you about the event, yes, I definitely would like to attend. Thank you!!!! Agi

  26. helios8008 says:

    Dear Darryl, thank you so much for your reply. Yes, I am definitely interested to attend your workshop. I wrote you an email. Thank you!!!! Agi

  27. Vijay Kumar says:

    I am curious to read your book and wish to have it soon. Please advise if you will have any online session in future also.

  28. Anubhuti says:

    Hello Darryl, Thank you for sharing your life experiences which are enlightening to a lot of people suffering from various illnesses. I came across your TEDx video as I was searching for natural treatments for Ulcerative Colitis. My son who is 12 yrs old was diagnosed with UC in Jan 2021. Modern medicine offers nothing more than a life long therapy of immunosuppressants. I request you to spare me a few minutes and guide me so that I can adopt these alternative therapies. Regards, Anubhuti

  29. Weronika says:

    Dear Darryl, Do you think it is possible to to eliminate Epstein-Barr Virus from the body completely? I have just got mononucleosis and thought of asking you since you are a role model in terms of challenging conventional medicine. I got used to perfect health and feel an unease thinking of this virus flowing in my system even in a dormant form. I would be thankful for your opinion or direction! Kind regards, Weronika

  30. Junaid khan says:

    Dear Darryl, I saw your video at Ted and since than I am following you with lots of interest. I would like to ask you that which oil should I use for cooking. Also the choice between butter and olive oil, which one should I prefer.

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