Small Changes BIG IMPACT Talk

Date, Time & Place: 29th Jun’17, 5pm to 7pm at PADMA Centre for Soul Realisation,X-29, Hauz Khas, LGF, on NIFT Road, New Delhi 16. Ph: 011- 42657781 / 83. Please be seated by 5pm.

Date, Time & Place: 3rd Jul’17, from 5:15pm to 7:30pm at Temple of Knowledge, near Maxfort School, Bhagwan Das Hospital Road, Pitampura, Delhi. Ph: 9873010320 / 9999868711. Please be seated by 5pm. Entry Fee: Rs.200/-

In a modern world why are illnesses such as diabetes, cholesterol, BP, obesity, hormonal imbalance, asthma, liver problems, kidney disease, cancer etc. on the rise despite a million medicines being around? What has failed so miserably with our modern medicine systems?

Have we been fooled into succumbing to a system that does not work? Could our own daily actions be the cause of many problems not only in our health, but also in our food supply chain and in our environment?

Have we unwittingly contributed to the some of the biggest problems on this planet by believing that the problem is out there? that it is they who are responsible and not us?

Come and get a shocking expose in a 1 1/2 hr talk & presentation by Supply Chain Engineer, Therapist & Alchemist Darryl D’Souza on why we face so many problems in a modern world and see the solutions being provided by people who have beat the system and formulated an integrated holistic approach that works for everyone, including Gaia.

You will receive insights on how to stop being part of the problem and become a part of the solution. See will understand how you can improve not only your own health, but also how your daily actions can change what is sold in the marketplace as well as what is produced at source by being a conscious consumer.

The talk will be followed up with a 1/2 hr Q & A session with the audience.

About the Speaker:

Darryl D’Souza went through 14 years of sickness & suffering that almost ended his life in 2004. His radical reversal from that state, to a state of complete well-being, within just 1 year of using natural therapies is a story that has inspired many across the globe lead healthier lives. His book ‘Become Healthy or Extinct’ finds readership in over 100 countries. He is the Secretary of The World United – Doctors’ & Healers’ Association and his consultations and workshops are sought after all over the country and internationally. Darryl is also a member of the World Parliament on Spirituality and a speaker at national & international wellness and spiritual conventions.