Tulsi or Holy Basil is one of the oldest and most trusted herbs, especially in traditions like Ayurveda. The Tulsi herb contains hundreds of beneficial compounds known as phytochemicals, which are non-nutritive plant compounds containing protective and health promoting properties. Working together, these compounds possess antioxidant, adaptogenic, and immune-enhancing properties that help promote general health. Studies also show it to be a highly promising immunomodulator, cytoprotective and anticancer agent. The essential oils in Tulsi leaves are a particularly rich source of these phytochemicals.

Tulsi provides Vitamins A, C, and K, along with iron, manganese, magnesium, and potassium. Loaded with flavonoids, Tulsi helps prevent cell damage from radiation and oxygen and prevents the growth of tumors. Tulsi also helps in boosting the respiration system, the digestive system, the skeletal system, the immune system, metabolism, stamina, and vision, as well as maintains blood sugar and cholesterol levels and prevents skin diseases.

The best way of taking Tulsi leaves is in their raw form. Chew them alone or make them part of your raw salad or put them in your raw vegetable or fruit juice. The next best way to of getting the medicinal and nutritional benefits of Tulsi is to have its tea. Tulsi Tea by itself has quite a light and pleasant flavor. But if you do not like its taste, you can add some natural honey to it or pick a Tulsi tea that has organic flavoring by the addition of other herbs like mint.



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