Sun Yoga

Sunlight is the 1st level of nutritional energy available on this planet. Its energy is directly captured by plants through the action of chlorophyll during the photosynthesis reaction. Plants convert this energy into various forms as per their genetic makeup, and store it in their leaves, branches, barks, fruits, flowers, seeds, and roots. Therefore, plants hold the 2nd level of nutritional energy. All moving creatures on this planet, including man, access this 2nd level of energy by eating plants and their produce. Thus, most moving creatures and man become the 3rd level that holds energy. So, man gets the choice of consuming energy at either the 2nd level or the 3rd level, so that his energy requirements are fulfilled.

Every higher level of energy storage is also a step down from the purer energy of the sun. This is why a quantity of plant or fruit has higher energy content than the same amount of meat. Nutrition is about the life energy that you supply to the human body by giving it living food that matches the vibrational frequency of the human body.

Each level of energy storage also contributes its burden of contamination and disease that thrives at its level, to the next higher level. There is a certain level of contamination and disease at the plant level and an even higher level of contamination and disease at the animal level. So when man eats animals, he gets both the plant level as well as the animal level of contamination because the animals have already taken the plant diseases within themselves by eating them. To get nutrition that is free from all contamination, we only have the sun to look up to.

There are some people who live just on the sun’s energy, by absorbing it directly through their eyes, energy centers and skin. They eat nothing and seldom drink water. As they do not access the 2nd or 3rd levels of nutrition, they do not receive any contamination from these levels and hardly ever fall ill. Availing the sun’s energy has many benefits. It can rectify many imbalances within the human body. It can also cure some diseases, and it can bring about great intellectual and spiritual development, as it clears blockages in the chakras (energy centers) of the human body.

The following Sun Yoga technique is what I used over 3 years for absorbing the Sun’s energy. I have been looking directly at the Sun for upto 45 minutes every day, for about 9 months each year. I started with prefect eyesight in 2009 and ended with perfect eyesight in 2012. Sun Yoga balanced my chakras, it helped my spiritual evolution and it also cured me of one lifelong ailment in 2009, which could not get cured by any other technique. That ailment was migraine, and it happened within just 2 months of daily practicing Sun Yoga.

During my Sun Yoga months, I feel no hunger till 1pm in the afternoon. This is because the sun’s energy gets converted into nutrition at the cellular level and satiates the body. I know people who have used Sun Yoga techniques in conjunction with a healthy diet to reduce excess weight drastically. Consequently, they experience higher levels of energy, greater agility, and sharpness of mind through the day. There are millions of sun gazers all over the world today. Some do not practice the technique with proper considerations. They do not give proper attention to rectify the pre-existing weakness of their eyes, so they sometimes experience negative effects.

I am not recommending that you must practice Sun Yoga as well. Here, I am only describing the technique in detail, for those who choose to practice it out of their own interest. Nobody advised me to do Sun Yoga. I did it since I felt a need to. The technique detailed here is called ‘Sun Yoga’, because it is not just a sun gazing technique, it takes your mind and body inwards and connects you to the core of your being. That is what Yoga is all about.

To start with, if you have any vision or eye problems, please use the acupressure techniques given on page 240 and make your eyes healthy once again. If your eyes are quite ill, do not practice this technique.

Start by doing Sun Yoga only in the morning, because with every passing minute, the sun’s energy increases, thereby gradually increasing the capacity of the eyes as well. In the evening time, the sun’s intensity starts decreasing, which is not so beneficial for two reasons. Firstly, by the end of the day your eyes may already be stressed, and secondly, starting with higher intensity, might give you a headache by the end of the evening. Sun Yoga is to be done at the same time every morning. ½ hr after sunrise is a good time to start. After a couple of months, it can be done 1 hr after sunrise, if one’s eyes and body feel comfortable with higher intensity of the sun. It can also be done in the evening after 2 months, if one does not have time in the morning.

The Sun Yoga Technique

Sit or stand bare feet on the ground, so that you get a good amount of earthing. Having most of your body exposed to the sun will also help the abundant absorption of Vitamin D. Keep your spine straight at all times as this facilitates the flow of energy down the spine.

 Start by first giving thanks to the sun for partaking of its energy of life. Think of the sun as a benevolent being that tirelessly feeds the nutritional needs of all living things on this planet. Think of the sun as your dear friend who is going to give you etheric nutrition that is of the purest form.

With your eyes closed, first face the sun for half a minute, and let the light and warmth of its rays liven up your eyes. Then gradually open your eyes and look at the center of the sun, with your head tilted a bit downward, but your eye gaze upwards, as if you are trying to look at the sun from your third eye. Do not strain your eyes much to maintain this angle. On the first day you can look at the sun for 1 minute. Keep adding 1 minute every day to your gazing time, and in one month, you will reach a gazing time of ½ an hour. This time is good enough for a lot of benefits.

Use this gazing time to connect mentally with your teachers, gurus, and higher aspects of God. Also connect with the unifying energy of the sun, which is the common medium between all living things on this earth. Remember the meditation from my earlier chapter (I am the shining Sun of God) and imagine the sun’s energy coming down your central energy column, and radiating out when it reaches your solar plexus. From your solar plexus, connect to Mother Earth and to the lifestreams of all other livings beings on earth.

Your may increase your gazing time, but only to a maximum of 45 minutes, only if you body calls for it. Do not force it if your body or your eyes get stressed. If the sun’s energy is too much for you, first your eyes will heat up, then your cheeks will also get hot. This is a sign that you must slow down and give your body time to adjust to the incoming energy.

As your gazing time increases, after about two months, first physical ailments will start receding, especially those of the head and upper body. It is only after about 3 to 4 months that hunger levels come down a bit as the body starts feeding off the energy in the sun rays. Spiritual advancement happens after about 6 months.

Every day, after looking at the sun for the required duration, you need to do a closed eye meditation for the same duration, but only to a maximum of 20 minutes. This means that even if you reach 30 minutes of open-eyed sun gazing, you will still do the closed eye meditation for 20 minutes only.

After your sun gazing time is over, close your eyelids and squeeze them tighter and tighter. This is a form of massage. Then relax them slowly. Do this thrice. Then rub your palms together vigorously to make them a bit warm. Close your eyelids, and keep your warm palms on them for about 15 seconds. Now, with the tips of your fingers, massage the rims of your eyelids a little. Give thanks to the sun once again.

Without opening your eyes, lie down on a flat surface on your back, feet 6 inches apart, arms to your sides. Breathe in a relaxed manner, let go of feeling in every part of your body, step by step, starting from the toes first and working up to your head. You will not be able to do this complete visualization, till the time you reach a sun gazing time of 10 minutes, when your lying down time is also 10 minutes.

After you finish the complete body relaxation, keep lying down, eyes closed, and go deep within your consciousness and ask it:

Who am I? Wait a minute for an answer. If it comes, contemplate on it. If it does not come, ask the next question.

What do I want? Wait a minute for an answer.

Then ask: Why do I want it? Wait a minute for an answer.

Then ask: What is the purpose of life? Wait a minute for an answer.

Then ask: Am I doing the kind of work that I really want to? Wait for an answer.

Now these are very simple questions, but in a relaxed and contemplative state, they are very powerful and can bring changes in your life for the better. As days pass by, these questions will have a deeper meaning and you will progressively get deeper answers that will unravel the meaning and purpose of your life.

What happens during this time of horizontal relaxation is that the energy that is absorbed in the central energy column of the body, slowly gets distributed to all the different areas in the body through the nerves and the chakra network. When you do not lie down after gazing, this energy slowly rises back to the upper half of the body and gets dissipated from the upper back, neck, face, and head, sometimes causing headache. The lower chakras and cells of the body also do not get enough time to absorb this etheric nutrition.

After this meditation is complete, with your eyes still closed, move your feet and hands and turn to your left side and sit up gently. Take a few relaxed breaths, and open your eyes very slowly.

As your sun gazing time increases, you will begin to see the different rainbow colours in the backdrop of the bright sun. That will be a mark of your progress. The first colours to be seen will be the Violet and Indigo, followed by Blue and Green and then the rest. This sequence happens because the higher chakras get energized first and then the lower chakras, as the sun’s energy slowly comes lower down the spine.

After you have reached a gazing time of more than 30 minutes, you may start feeling fullness in your solar plexus and a corresponding feeling of not feeling hungry. It is fine if you do not eat right after Sun Yoga and give your body about 1 hour’s time to give its hunger call. If you do this, your body will slowly start living more on the sun’s energy. If you neglect this feeling, and just go on eating, no harm is done, except that your body will not develop the capacity of living of this energy. Nevertheless, other health and intellect benefits will still accrue.

You can do Sun Yoga continuously for 9 months in a year. After this period give it a break for 3 months, and see your energy levels during this time. In these 3 months, walk bare feet on the earth for 45 minutes everyday. It activates certain acupressure points on the feet and this helps the cosmic energy to keep flowing through your body, thereby nourishing it. You might feel like not eating much food. If this happens and your health is also maintained, listen to your body.

After these 3 months of no Sun Yoga, if you still do not feel any hunger, it signifies that the Sun Yoga process has taken its full effect on you. Your internal energy system has fully adapted to living on etheric energy. You do not need to do any more Sun Yoga after this. You must, however, be bare feet for at least 1 hour a day for etheric energy to sustain your life force.

If you do not reach this state after 3 months of Sun Yoga abstinence and you feel like getting some more benefits from Sun Yoga, you can do Sun Yoga again for another 9 months. Every person has a different internal setup, so the progress and benefits of Sun Yoga will vary accordingly.

I do not recommend that Sun Yoga be done for more than 9 months in a year, because I have not tested the same on myself, and so, have not experienced its effects. There are others however, who have done this technique or a different one, for longer periods.

One of the main benefits of Sun Yoga, is the activation of the pineal gland, which is the master control gland of the human body. To facilitate its activation, one must reduce the intake of sea salt, because an excess of sodium in the blood or cerebrospinal fluid constricts the pineal gland. Avoiding products that contain inorganic fluoride, such as toothpastes, also becomes necessary, as fluoride is known to calcify the pineal gland and disturb it’s functioning. Trace heavy metals deposits on or around the pineal gland also subdue its functioning. Therefore, a regular intake of detoxifying agents such as wheatgrass, spirulina, and blue green algae are advised.



42 Responses to Sun Yoga

  1. M Wojahn says:

    Very nice essay on your method. I enjoyed reading it, good luck.

  2. fbdas says:

    Wonderful. Every one may consider to follow it to remain perfectly mentally and physically healthy , the world will be a healthy one with perfect harmony of laws of Nature and laws of human body.Can you mail me different poses of sunyoga in sketches or photographs?

  3. fbdas says:

    Thank you. People are so busy in making money and fame, they do not want to go with wisdom like Sunyoga.

  4. freia says:

    Good Stuff Darryl! Thank you.
    There’s nothing better than the warm rays of the Sun :) I burn easily, but if I listen to my skin, it will tell me, when it’s time to find shade. I always had diversion to “sun blocks” and other cosmetics with it, as they felt very wrong on my skin, and didn’t like the smell. Now,” turns out”, it is the same chemicals, marketed for decades as necessary against skin cancer and wrinkles, that actually CAUSE them. And to make matters worse, these chemicals block most necessary vitamin D3, true food of the Sun!
    Extra Virgin Coconut Oil has eliminated my need for shaving creams, hair conditioners, body lotions, toothpaste etc. It’s a crime that fluoride, a Uranium by-product since the Manhattan Project, has been marketed around the world as a necessecity in dental hygiege, when in reality, it destroys your teeth while ingesting poison!
    Same goes with drinking water! Just because your tap water is bacteria free, doesn’t mean it’s clean. Chlorine is a poison that kills people by causing awful diseases, glogging arteries, calcifies the Pineal gland etc etc.

    It is time for pharmaceutical companies along with FDA and governments, to be exposed of their sinister, calculated methods and tactics of killing people, and making a fortune while at it. No more! The truth is already out. I bless the Internet!

    I am elated to see your holistic and homeopathic website/book. I wish you all the best!
    As they say, for every disease, there’s a cure for it in nature, provided by mother Gaia.

    Thank you also for your kind words encouragement on shiftmovement blog page!

  5. harold says:

    Darryl, what does one do when the sun is not out… so they don’t miss any days during the 9 month gazing.

    • Hi Harold, In India I start Sun Yoga every year just after the rains are over, so that gives me 9 months of Sun. If one does not get the sun in the morning, they can try to get it in the evening. If both these options aren’t available, there is nothing else one can do, except Pranayam for example or ‘The 5 Elements Therapy’ detailed in my book.

  6. harold says:

    Hi Darryl, Thank You for your response. I love your book and to be quite honest, I wasn’t sure Sun Yoga was valid until I saw your book on the Hamsa site. I practice Surya Yoga as well and when I can, I practice in the morning and evening and have added the Sun Yoga with it. I still have a bit of an appetite but am looking forward to the day when that subsides.

  7. harold says:

    Hi Darryl, I love the practice, I was telling a friend how magical the world has become for me. Is it possible to state some of the spiritual benefits you’ve received from Sun Yoga? I would also like to ask what impact does Sun Yoga have on the Nadis and exactly where is the Solar Plexus? Is it the chakra behind the navel or is it below the chest and above the navel?

    • Hello Harold, Yes, Sun Yoga does wonders for many people. After 6 months of Sun Yoga in the 1st year, my clarity of thought, especially on Spiritual topics became very clear. What seemed like conflicting views became more understandable views that people have, because I would get some kind of telepathic answers during the Sun Yoga practice itself. Some say that sunlight carries information from light beings who live on the sun. Sharpness and calmness in thought also became a quality that improved. Sunlight first enters the eyes, then through the optic nerve and then to the pituitary and pineal gland and this energy gets distributed to the chakras energy flow system. From this radiant energy the Nadis of the Astral Body also draw some nourishment only to the extent required. If the Astral Body is very healthy, it does not draw any nourishment, it only conducts it and lets it flow out into space. The Solar Plexus is between the navel and the chest area. It is the zone martial artists punch with a half closed fist.

  8. harold says:

    HI Darryl, What becomes of the vital fluid when one stops eating?

    • Which vital fluid are you referring to Harold? I have never reached the stage of no food intake, so I do not know. But Sunyogi Umasankar or Hira Ratan Manek who have been in this state for over a year at least, may be able to answer this question.

  9. bolojow says:

    When you stop sun gazing because the sun disappears in winter do you continue where you left off or do you begin all over again when the sun returns?

    • I do not begin where I left off, just to be a bit safe. For example, if I was at 40 mins of gazing when the rainy season came, then I start again when the sun is back with 5 minutes on the first day. I increase the timing every day so as to get back to 1/2 hr in 1 week. If this proves to be too fast for me, then I slow down. After reaching 1/2 hr, I increase only 1 minute a day till I go to 45 mins max.

  10. Purnima says:

    I have actually started going out to meet my friend Sun since yesterday before reading this post… I had done this 1 1/2 yrs ago, but then my eyes had gone red after about 20 mins. I was increasing 30 seconds daily that time. I do have some eye issues – Chronic Iridocyclitis, which sometimes attack my eyes. I have also developed Cataract as a side effect, but somehow Sun Yoga is attracting me again. I know its just about 3-4 months for Sun to be clear now in India. Yesterday, I had decided I will give it minimum 3 months time. Thanks! I was not aware of lying down after looking at the Sun, as well as massaging the eyes before lying down, I will do this now.

    • Hi Purnima, Iridocyclitis needs medical attention, so please get it treated properly. Before starting the Sun Yoga practice again, please do the treatment for eyes given on page 154 in my book. Only if your eyes get better and the Iridocyclitis subsides, then do Sun Yoga, otherwise give it up.

  11. Purnima says:

    Thanks Darryl, for your immediate reply. I am reading your book, at page 29 now. I am not on medicine at the moment. My eye specialist had given me drops after last attack in September. Currently no other issues except the Cataract. Also doctors are saying eye problem is not because of eye. I will read page 154.

  12. Mithun Jain says:

    Hi Darryl, Thank you for posting sun yoga. I am planning to do sun yoga. Can you please share me the poses of sun yoga and any other information that is useful for sun yoga? Thank You.


    Dear Darryl, You were planning a course in Delhi some time back. Is it still on or have you dropped the idea? Best Regards, Major Pratap Singh

    • Dea Major Pratap Singh, My free 1-hr seminar on health happened in Defence Colony, Delhi on 21st June. The 1-day workshops happened onn 22nd and 23rd June, same place. I had sent you an email on 1st June with invites to both these events. Sorry to see that you missed them. If email does not work for you, please connect with tme on Facebook at and you will automatically reveive my event invites. Another option is to lookup my workshop page now and then. I may come back to Delhi in Oct, will let you know. Best Regards, Darryl

      • MAJOR PRATAP SINGH says:

        Dear Darryl Ji, thanks for your prompt response… unknowingly i missed the opportunity of being part of your workshop in June here in Delhi. Anyway, it will be really very good if it is organised in coming October… do let me know if I can be of any help please. Best Regards, Major Pratap Singh

  14. ravi says:

    Great sharing Dear Darryl, I have -1.5 power in my right eye, left eye +6. Can I practice Sun Yoga? Advise me please… Thanks, Ravi

    • You’re welcome Dear Ravi. I think you need to first have some improvement in your eyes, with regards to the difference in the eye numbers, so please follow the treatment for eye problems given on page 240 of my book for 2 months, and then attempt Sun Yoga with the precautions mentioned in the Sun Yoga writeup. Regards, Darryl

  15. Veera Brahmam says:

    Hi Darryl, Thanks for the Sun Yoga information. I am practicing Sun Yoga now. Finding it very good and enjoying it. Can you please send me some poses on Sun Yoga? Warm Regards, Veera Brahmam

  16. Purneema Shah says:

    Dearest Darryl, Please share the images with me too. I was doing sun gazing for more than a month since 16 feb actually and I had reached 20 minutes. I have also taken up the game of saying 1 million thank yous in a year. So during this 20 minutes of sun-gazing I was doing thank u counting :) but since last 10 days or so, I am not able to visit the sun :( Intend to resume soon. Thank u!

  17. Veera Brahmam says:

    Hi Darryl, recently, I came to 30 minutes of Sun Yoga. And I have observed that I got leg strain after standing for 30 minutes. Can I do Sun Yoga by sitting as given at one of the Pic? And Can you give me your suggestions to improve my feet strength? Thanks. Veera Brahmam

  18. Pierre says:

    Beautiful, thank you :) <3

  19. Rema Iyer says:

    Thanks Darryl, very very informative. Past one month I have been doing Sun Meditation following my intution but I had doubts which got cleared to a great extent. I had imbalance of my hormones which got balanced. I experienced a normal period after 3 months. Thanks for this information…

  20. Shanthi says:

    Dear Darryl, I was sufering from ovarian cyst, back ache due to Vitamin D Deficiency and also was diagnosed with Candida. I am unable to do much of my exercises due to the back pain and may be due to the cyst in my ovaries which is 12.5 mm in length. When can I safely resume surya namaskar?

    • Dear Shanti, which city do you live in? You can heal the cyst & back problem with acupressure and when they are ok you can resume suryanamaskar. To learn acupressure correctly, please come for one of my workshops. Regards, Darryl

  21. Aman says:

    Hi … I have gone through your book couple of times .. I have done some changes in my food and can see a positive result … i would love to do sun yoga but i am not sure how to do it .. yes you have explained quite well but it will be really helpful if you can share some videos

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