Health Workshops

Welcome to the workshop ‘Curing Chronic Illnesses with Integrated Natural Therapy’. It covers health, nutrition & metaphysics of the human body and teaches how to reverse chronic illnesses like diabetes, arthritis, obesity, high / low bp, acidity, constipation, migraine, cholesterol, fatty liver, backache, thyroid, chronic fatigue, asthma, heart disease, kidney disease, skin problems, hormonal imbalance, cancer and many more, the natural way… without medicines!

The following topics are covered in this workshop:

* Why Modern Medicines do not cure Chronic Illness
* The Real Causes of widespread Sickness and Disease
* Diet & Nutrition for Healing
* Integrated Natural Therapy for Curing Illnesses
* Internal Organ Cleansing
* Herbalism for Healing                                                                                                                        * Metaphysics of the Human Mind, Body & Spirit
* Quick integrated healing formulas for various illnesses
* Reverse Aging
* Acupressure training on detecting & healing your weak organs
* Supporting your healing journey through Darryl’s books, websites & health groups

Workshop Fee: Rs.3000/- per person in Goa and Rs.4000/- per person in all other Indian cities, inclusive of morning & evening refreshments, veg lunch, acupressure healing gadgets and an autographed copy of Darryl’s book ‘Become Healthy or Extinct’. For any further detail, please call Darryl on 9821758877.

For testimonials of this workshop please Click Here.

When and where the above workshop will happen:

The Curing Chronic Illnesses with Integrated Natural Therapy workshop will happen next in its 1-day format in Goa on (Sat) 4th Aug’18, 9am to 6pm at The Rejuvenation Center, 1175, Anavaddo, Candolim, Ximer, Bardez, Goa. Next to back gate of Hyatt Place. Ph: 8888409687. To book your seat for this workshop, you need to pay an advance of Rs.1000. Kindly pay this amount by Paytm to 9821758877 or at the venue in cash. The balance Rs.2000 is to be paid in cash at the workshop. Please book your seat at the earliest since bookings will close as soon as 20 seats get full.

The Curing Chronic Illnesses with Integrated Natural Therapy workshop will happen next in its 1-day format in Mumbai on (Sat) 11th Aug’18, 9am to 6pm at A-703, Nazarene Apts, Kharodi, Marve Road, Malad (w), Mumbai 95. Ph: 9821758877. To book your seat for this workshop, you need to pay an advance of Rs.1000. Kindly pay this amount by Paytm to 9821758877 or at the venue in cash. The balance Rs.3000 is to be paid in cash at the workshop. Please book your seat at the earliest since bookings will close as soon as 20 seats get full.

The Curing Chronic Illnesses with Integrated Natural Therapy workshop will happen next in its 1-day format in Delhi on (Sat) 18th Aug’18, 9am to 6pm at PADMA Centre for Soul Realisation, X-29, Hauz Khas, LGF, on NIFT Road, New Delhi 16. Ph: 011-42657781. To book your seat for this workshop, you need to pay an advance of Rs.1000. Kindly pay this amount by Paytm to 9821758877 or at the venue in cash. The balance Rs.3000 is to be paid in cash at the workshop. Please book your seat at the earliest since bookings will close as soon as 20 seats get full.

Darryl D’Souza will also be giving a 3 hr class on ‘Composting your Wet Waste for a Home Garden or Farm Waste conversion into Farmland Manure’ on Saturday, 10th Mar’18 from 9am to 12pm at his residence – A 703, Nazarene Apts, Kharodi, Marve Road, Malad (w), Mumbai 95

If you’re going for this class, please confirm to it to him on his WhatsApp No 9821758877. Please also carry along a donation of Rs.300 per person as energy exchange. This donation will go to the ‘Earth Keepers Mumbai’ Fund, to help with with social service activities in Mumbai.

In this class Darryl will explain some very important considerations that one needs to have in home as well as outdoor environments, both subject to changing weather conditions through the year, so that the system still delivers the best. And the most important thing he will give you is how to design it – because there are so many faulty models out there and you need to know how to avoid wasting time with them and going around in circles. The system he’ll give you will use the least money and it will give you the fastest and most nutritious compost

Constitution of good resultant compost
Input materials of good composting
Parameters that govern composting and how to manage them with ease
Mimicking nature’s way of effective composting
How to fasten the composting process
Managing nutrients, microorganisms and filler material % in compost
How to know when your compost has gone bad and how to salvage it
What to put in and what to keep out of your compost
Managing composting parameters through different seasons
Designing your own compost bins / pits from simple materials

The Natural Health Therapy workshop – Mumbai, Aug’12Workshop1

The Natural Health Therapy workshop – Goa, Sep’12Workshop4

Seminar on Curing Chronic Illness – Goa, Sep’12

The Natural Health Therapy workshop – Mumbai, Oct’12

Curing Chronic Illness without Medicines workshop – Mumbai, Feb’13Workshop6

 Curing Chronic Illness without Medicines workshop – Pune, Feb’13Pune Batch Final_1

 Curing Chronic Illness without Medicines workshop – Hyderabad, Mar’13
Curing Chronic Ilness workshop 24th HydCuring Chronic Illness without Medicines workshop – Mumbai, Apr’13Curing Chronic Ilness workshop 7th Apr

Curing Chronic Illness without Medicines workshop – Kolkata, Apr’13Kolkata Workshop

Curing Chronic Illness without Medicines workshop – Chennai, Apr’13Chennai Workshop

Curing Chronic Illness without Medicines workshop – Bangalore, Jun’13IMG_2142_1

Curing Chronic Illness without Medicines workshop – Delhi, Jun’13CIMG3443_1_1

Curing Chronic Illness without Medicines workshop – Mumbai, Aug’13Mumbai Workshop Snap

Curing Chronic Illness without Medicines workshop – Kolkata, Aug’13IMG_2212_1

Curing Chronic Illness without Medicines workshop – Goa, Oct’13IMG_2238_1

Curing Chronic Illness without Medicines workshop – Mumbai, May’14???????????????????????????????

Curing Chronic Illness with Acupressure workshop – Goa, Dec’141

Curing Chronic Illness with Natural Therapy – Mumbai, Aug’151Curing Chronic Illness with Natural Therapy – Mumbai, Nov’17


98 Responses to Health Workshops

  1. maildarryl says:

    Dear Annu, Thank you for your appreciation and kind words. I am so happy that you have understood the importance of Jnana Yoga at the Macrocosmic level (of our senses) and the Microcosmic level (of our bodies) and you are now urging others to master this path. I am so happy to know you and now help you in your efforts too. God Bless you too. Light and Love, Pane.

  2. Latika Kalantri says:

    Dear Darryl, Thanks for a Pandora of information and awareness about healthy foods & healthy habits and also how to cure the body in times of sickness! I can now take care of not only myself but also my near and dear ones! I run the Acupressure ball everyday without fail and am eating consciously too with much more awareness and responsibility towards my own well being. Thank You for all the insights… cause I really don’t want to become extinct!!! lolzzz

    • maildarryl says:

      You’re most welcome Latika! Thank you for attending the workshop and also for your enthusiasm in spreading the word about this health workshop as well as my book ‘Become Healthy or Extinct’. Thanks also for hosting my program adds in your group ‘The Oasis of Wellbeing’. Wishing you all the best in health and happiness! Best Regards, Darryl

  3. Hemant Gujarathi says:

    The workshop and your book totally changed life. First time I didn’t take a single tablet during 2 days of sickness. Thank you Darryl D’Souza! Never thought that nature has given us such an awesome computer inside us. Thanks for letting me know the commands and how to use this body computer in such a simple manner. God Bless.

    • That’s great to hear Hemant! You’re most welcome :) Yes, unlearning all the rubbish that we have been taught by people who did not understand the human body was the tough part. Now doing what really works for the human body is the useful and fun part right? Cheers!!

  4. Richa Raghuwanshi says:

    Thanks Darryl… Great work I must say… U won’t believe just by cutting down harmful things in my diet as advised in your book, I am feeling energetic within a week. Thanks! I am filled with gratitude to you that u took the pains to write this treasure of your life and gave it to us… Regards, Richa Raghuwanshi

    • You’re most welcome Richa! Thank you for your kind words. It feels good to share with others, what I have learnt in my journey from sickness to health. It was a tough journey, but well worth it… I think :) God Bless, Darryl

  5. Gopikka Kacharre says:

    Hi Darryl , The workshop I attended is really helping … I have been practicing Acupressure regularly… The Kidney Cleanse has helped me tremendously, the swelling on my ankles has gone completely and also the kidney point, you know how much it pained, and that also has reduced … I am also following the change in diet and my Family as well is benefiting from what you taught … Thank you So much … Gopikka

    • You’re most welcome Gopikka! Thank you for the feedback on your progress. Am happy to hear that your family is also benefiting from what you learnt. Cheers to good health! for all of you! Darryl

  6. Ashvin Dalal says:

    Dear Darryl, I must appreciate you doing this workshop in Mumbai. Your book is a real eye opener. After reading it, one understands how we have been cheating ourselves unintentionally by doing so much harm to the self & the human race. U have thrown light on “It is still not too late” & focused on “There is always a way of acting diligently tomorrow.” I shall definitely attend your workshop soon. God Bless.

    • Dear Ashvin, Thank you so much for your feedback. Thank you also for sharing my free e-book version with your friends and for being a re-seller of the printed version. Light, Love and Peace be with you.

  7. Annette Gonsalves says:

    Dear Darryl, Thank you for your wonderful teachings. They have created a major change in me both in physical health and spiritually too. May God bless you and keep you always in His loving embrace, Love, Light and Peace, Annette

  8. Ronnie D'Mello says:

    Dear Darryl, I have attended your health seminar as well as your 2 day workshop ‘The Natural Health Therapy’ and I can vouch for both. I have been greatly benefited and blessed for having known you and count myself lucky in having participated in your 2 day workshop. It has helped me a lot health wise as well as broadened my views and aspect and perspective of life and living. All the best to you Darryl. I will be in touch.

  9. Christine Monteiro says:

    Thank you Darryl for doing this wonderful workshop and helping us all lead healthier and more responsible lives. God Bless.

  10. Priyanka says:

    Dear Darryl, Thanks for the awesome book you’ve written!! It has changed my outlook completely. But I had a doubt regarding black pepper treatment.. as to how many times the treatment is to be repeated in a year. Once again thanks a lot. Priyanka

    • Hi Priyanka, Thank You :) After the black pepper treatment, take a break of one month. If you see it benefitting you every time you do it, you can do it upto 5 times a year. Wishing you all the best! Darryl

  11. Waquif Malik says:

    Dear Darryl,

    I have read and re-read your book “BECOME HEALTHY OR EXTINCT” and would like to let you know that it is MAGNIFICENT AND BRILLIANT to the nth level. Your insight and research into the whole array of subjects that you have covered is simply outstanding. Reading the book has completely changed my outlook towards health and the human body, making me more caring and aware towards its maintenance and upkeep.

    I was deeply enlightened by many aspects of the book but these 2 had a very special impact on me, namely 1) THE 7 ENERGY BODIES and 2) THE POWER OF SUGGESTION & THE LAW OF ATTRACTION.

    On the whole spending time with your book was a delightful experience, one that I will cherish throughout my life. Please do come down to Dubai and conduct a workshop here also. A lot many people will benefit from your erudition and experience. Lastly, do you have any plans for a workshop in Bombay? Please do let me know and keep me updated in your mailing list for all your future workshops.


    With Warm Regards,

    Yours for HUGE success & contentment

    • Dear Malik, Thank you so much for your wholehearted appreciation. I am so glad that my book gave you a lot of value and I look forward to it bringing in a lot of positive change in your health and life as well.

      I am planning a workshop in Mumbai by the 1st week of March. Will also consider doing my workshop in Dubai as and when I’m led to. I had done one in Dubai in Feb’11 I think. Yes, I will surely send you all my future workshop invites. Wishing you all the best! God Bless.

  12. Amrit Kalsi says:

    Dear Darryl, I’m reading your book and find it very informative. You have made the best of efforts to reach to the common man. Thank You!

  13. ….
    Please inform me about your upcoming details of Kolkata workshop!

  14. Mehek says:

    Good Morning, Please inform me about your workshop at Bangalore. Thank You.

  15. Sheetal Kumar Jain says:

    Hi Darryl D’Souza,
    Just few mins back, I was told about your website and book by my friend Dr Padmini. When I read the first chapter “Why I wrote this book”, I was thrilled as if a secret was being told to me. I am from Bangalore. Please also include my email id when you send notification of your workshop in Bangalore.

  16. Suma Varughese says:

    Enjoyed the workshop and learnt a lot! Great to have met you Darryl D’Souza.

  17. Darshan Mistry says:

    Dear Darryl, On behalf of my entire family and myself, I convey our thanks for giving us your quality time, valuable inputs and sharing your real life experiences to ensure we remain healthy. The interaction with you was par excellence and everyone enjoyed it to the fullest. We look forward to having more sessions going forward. Thank you for doing your health workshop at our home and for your kind blessings.

    • Dear Darshan, I warmly accept your thanks and love. Thank you too, for hosting the workshop at your home and for all the elaborate arrangements you and your family made. I would love to do a folow up session in a couple of months, so that all benefit to the maximum. Best Regards, Darryl

  18. Ujwwaal Parek says:

    This workshop is a Golden Chance to meet my beloved friend, guide, guru and body healer Darryl D’Souza, who has miraculously cured all his diseases and reversed his age, just by eating right food with right combination. Do yourself the favour of attending this workshop and also read his e-book on this website… a free gift to mankind. Thank You !!!

  19. Vyjayanthi Upadhyay says:

    Would like to know when your next work in Chennai is. Is there any natural cleansing remedy to treat gall stones? Will appreciate if you respond to my query.

    • Hi Vyjayanthi, The next workshop in Chennai may be in July. I’ve noted your email id and will send you the invite as soon as it gets scheduled. Please read page 134 of my e-book for cleansing Liver & Gall Bladder stones the natural way.

  20. Terence Fernandes says:

    Dear Darryl, I would be grateful if you could keep me posted on your upcoming workshop dates in Goa, Mumbai and Dubai. Thanks. Regards. Terence Fernandes

  21. Sonali Shukla says:

    Dear Darryl, I am interested in attending your workshop, have already read your book. Please let me know your workshop dates in July and August (Mumbai).

  22. Anju Rastogi says:

    I wanted to attend workshop on curing chronic illness in Delhi, as I am suffering from Crohn’s disease. I found your book very very good and read about sun yoga. Thanks for spreading awareness to the world.

  23. Jose Anthappan says:

    Dear Darryl, Regini and I were really enriched in the workshop, with the valuable insights you shared from your real life experiences and your intensive study on the way to live our life, blending with nature and its provisions and on detaching ourselves from our wrongful modern life concepts and substances. Introduction to accupressure techniques combined with correct nutrition, to cure health problems without any medicines was really interesting and valuable. Last but not the least, your talk emanated confidence coming from the indepth knowledge of health and life concepts, kept the audience in rapt attention whole day long. Keep it up. Thank You for the good work you are doing for humanity and its sustainable future. – Regini & Jose

    • Dear Jose and Regini, Thank you very much for your thanks and your feedback, and for your lovely presence at the workshop as well. I wish I had done it sooner, especially since it was in my own house and society. Spread the good work. God Bless.

  24. Shamreen Sethi says:

    Dear Darryl, I’m short of words trying to express my deepest gratitude to you for teaching us such amazing things at your workshop in Kolkata. After following what you taught and also what’s written in your book, I and my family are experiencing wonderful health benefits. Thanks to you, we have also turned vegan and are so excited about it. You have created positive shifts in understanding & health in not only my immediate family, but also my extended family and friends. Deepest gratitude to you Darryl. THANK YOU!

    • Dear Shamreen, You’re most welcome! It’s wonderful to know that everyone at home is benefiting from what you learnt at my workshop. Turning Vegan so soon is really a wonderful bonus for both you & me :) It is the calling of our times that you heard loud and clear… and the credit goes to your conscience & conviction! Glad to know that the wave of good health is spreading through you & your family. Thank You & God Bless. Darryl

  25. leena says:

    Hi, I came across your website today. Though I have not read your book yet, I can see from the reader’s comments that a lot is there to be learnt and explored. I would like to know about your next workshop in Delhi NCR. Pls contact me on this email id as I would definitely like to benefit from your experience. Thanks, Leena

  26. A S Sukumar says:

    Dear Darryl, Do you have chance to conduct a one day workshop in Chennai in the near future on curing chronic illness without medicines? I am willing to assist you to organize such a programme. Rgds, A S Sukumar

    • Dear Sukumar, Yes I plan to do a workshop in Chennai once again in Feb’14, so I will get in touch with you as soon as I plan for it. I have saved your email id and phone no. Thanks a lot for offering to help host the workshop. God Bless, Darryl

  27. Matta Mohan Reddy says:

    Dear Darryl, Is there any workshop in Hyderabad during March-May 2014

  28. Hemant Pawar says:

    Hi Darryl, Your book is like a ‘Bible of Health’ for me. I consider myself lucky to have come across you and your book and many more teachings to come. I can’t thank you enough. I did the Black Tea cleansing and it worked so well. My skin has become very clear and it is kind glowing. And I am sure my kidney of course is cleaner now. Thanks a lot! Truly new consciousness is coming to the world now, and there is going to be your great part in it…

  29. simmi diwan says:

    Hi Darryl, Please inform me about your workshop at Mumbai. Heard there is one happening on 16th Feb. Request you to share the details as I would like to attend the same. Thank You.
    simmi diwan

  30. shrinivas baheti says:

    Dear Darryl, Read a lot about your workshops. I would like to attend the workshop. I am based in Mumbai. Please let me know when is next happening in Mumbai. Regards, Shrinivaas Baheti

  31. Muhammed Imran VK says:

    Hello Darryl, May I have course details please. Plz mail to my inbox. Best Regards, Muhammed Imran VK, email:,

  32. Charels Saldanha says:

    Hi Darryl, There’s lots that I liked from this workshop. The fact you gave a personal example of chronic illness and turning it around to health through natural process. The juices & veg lunch which were very tasty, fresh & nutritious and set us a good example. The accupressure was new to me and seemed to identify areas that I thought I had some weakness, it was quite accurate. The venue too was very good, nice & natural and fitted into your ethos. Thanks a lot!

  33. priyanka says:

    Hi Darryl, I would like to attend your workshop at Delhi. Pls inform me whenever it is happening next. Thanks. Regards.

  34. Cap. Srivastava says:

    Dear Sir, I am Captain Srivastava from Mumbai. I wish to attend your workshop in Mumbai. I am your big fan and I have read your e-book and also encouraged my friends to follow it. I was delighted to speak to you on the phone today. You are an angel helping us all humans and humanity. Best Regards, Cap. Srivastava.

    • Dear Captain Srivastava, Thank you for your message here. Thanks very much also for sharing my book and work with others. I have added your email to my database, so you will get an invite to my next program in Mumbai whenever it happens. It will also be updated on this page. Best Regards, Darryl D’Souza

  35. sumukh kamat says:

    Hi please inform me if u r conducting this workshop in Goa again.

  36. sumant khare says:

    Dear Darryl, Learnt of your site from a friend in my quest to reverse my diabetes and heart disease. I live in Delhi and would like to attend your workshop. Wanted to know if you’re doing a workshop in Delhi any time soon? Regards, Sumant Khare

  37. Mahesh says:

    Hi Darryl, Can you please inform about your next workshp in Mumbai?

  38. Manasi says:

    Hello Darryl, Please inform me when you plan your next workshop in Mumbai. Regards, Manasi

  39. Sharath Bharathmurthy says:

    Hi Darryl, Please update me about your next workshop events in Bangalore. Also please update about your workshop at other locations as I keep traveling. Regards, Sharath

  40. Durga Prasad says:

    Dear Darryl, I read your book completely and I must say it is amazing. Thanks for sharing your valuable knowledge and experience. Do you have any plans of releasing this book in regional languages? It will be very helpful to people who cannot read English. Since you have the workshops conducted in a few places it will be very helpful if you could record these sessions and upload them on your website. We can virtually attend these workshops till we meet you in person :) Thanks, Durga Prasad

    • You’re Welcome Dear Durga, Yes I plan to have the book translated to Hindi so it reaches more people. Which city do you live in? Doing videos of the workshop is a good idea, so will try and do them… about 8 hours, so it’s not easy to put online. Regards, Darryl

  41. Monica says:

    Hi Darryl, I’ve never attended your workshop. So if possible could you please inform me whenever you are going to conduct your workshop in Bangalore.

  42. Madhavi says:

    Hi Darryl, thanks for the great book. I live in Hyderabad. Is there any place here where i can do the cleanses under supervision.

  43. Sudha shetty says:

    Dear Darryl, I came across ur article in old life positive magazine. Def. would like to attend ur workshop in Mumbai as early as possible. Pls notify me.

    • Dear Sudha, I just emailed you about the workshop I’m doing on 23rd Aug’15 in Mumbai. It is written above on this page too, but I guess you missed it. Regards, Darryl

  44. Prabir kumar panda says:

    Dear Darryl, I came across your very useful article in life positive magazine. I want to meet you personally regarding my chronic health issue. Further, I like to attend your valuable workshop in delhi & mumbai. Pls notify me.

  45. Namrata says:

    Just finished a pretty mind bending workshop on nutrition & reversing chronic illnesses through food, with some basics of acupressure thrown in. Feels like I’m in school again and boy it feels good !

  46. Prabir kumar panda says:

    Dear Darryl,I came to that in the middle of Jan’ 2016 , U will come to Delhi for conducting “Health Workshop” . Hope U will intimate me positively so that I will participate in the said program.

  47. Prabir kumar panda says:

    Dear Darryl,I came to know that in the middle of Jan’ 2016 , U will come to Delhi for conducting “Health Workshop” . Hope U will intimate me positively so that I will participate in the said program.

  48. Renu Kumar says:

    Dear Darryl, this is Renu Kumar. Interested in attending a workshop. Are you having one in Bangalore? Please confirm or else I can come to Goa for one. Thanks and regards ,
    Renu I want to order your book, please guide.

  49. Omeera Dlima says:

    Darryl you’re a super star, rockstar, Health God ! I’ve lost 5kgs within a month since your workshop, with no diet, just eating healthy nutritious food, have the energy of a 20 yr old and I’ve never felt more healthy in my life, most importantly I have no physical pain at all, my daughter is 2 yrs old and is enjoying the best part me, thanks to you, you’ve changed my life, can never thank you enough, much gratitude always _()_ :))

    • Dear Omeera, I am so happy that it is all going so well for you. Give yourself a good pat on the back – for walking the talk. When you do it right, it just gets done so easily, isn’t it? :)) Appreciating your gratitude and sending you much love and blessings.

  50. Aseema says:

    Hey Darryl, Need to register myself in either of your Delhi workshops. Missed your deadline. Can I still make it? Aseema

  51. Aseema says:

    Beloved Darryl, I have been crying since I attended your workshop yesterday. The regret of not having met you earlier is the sad bit, and having met you and being able to see hope for a healthier body (not necessary a long one) is the joy bit. Every word you said has been an instinctive belief inside me and your compassion is something I have never experienced before.

    Have suggested your book to my dearest friend, whom I married 30 years ago, and he has already started reading it. Will pick up more copies and pass them on to every contact who is willing to respect this scripture. It is a tough journey though, breaking out of age-old habits and practicing nature’s laws. In any case you have given us the options of what the milestone will read on the path we are treading… Become Healthy… Or…

    We hope to see you soon again and be in your benevolent presence. Aseema

    • Dear Aseema, I am touched to know that my workshop was such a moving experience for you. Yes, when deep truths are encountered there is both, a sadness of missing them and the joy of realisation. Thank you for sharing my book with your spouse and others. Looking forward to meeting you again when I’m back in Delhi. Love, Darryl

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