Market Compliance Details

Earth Keepers Market in Margao

The Earth Keepers Market every Sunday in Margao, Goa, is being set up by ‘Earth Keepers Goa’ a wing of the global platform Earth Keepers Connect founded by Darryl D’Souza, resident of Candolim, Goa. More info on his work is at

His community of friends (Earth Keepers Goa) have been running the Earth Keepers Market in North Goa since 2015, at Saraya in Sangolda (details at ) and at The Rejuvenation Center in Candolim (details at ). Presently it runs at The Rejuvenation Center in Calangute (details at

The primary focus of this market is health and a good environment for all to live in. So the market aims to keep only organic / naturally grown fruits, vegetables, groceries, spices, oils, natural body products, natural herbal remedies, natural health products, organic herbal teas, seeds & saplings and eco-friendly products. It does not allow unhealthy foods like foods that have processed sugar in them.

This is a plant based produce organic market. That means no meat products / milk products / eggs / etc. Every time someone thinks of selling something on this market, please think – does it grow on plants?

The space for the market can be a big hall, or a garden or lawn (covered space because of rains) in front of a restaurant or wellness center or health food store. These places will also benefit from the market customers coming to their premises. There should not be any charge for the space to sellers or buyers or the organizers.

The space can be about 300 sq mtrs in size with a separate parking space for 10-12 cars at least. This market is just for 2-3 hrs. So people come in, pick up things and go. That way we are not expecting people to hang around and block parking space for long.

The market needs 10-15 tables (approx 2 feet by 5 feet) with at least 1 chair per table. If only 7-8 tables are there, then they can be used for packed groceries, natural body products etc. and 7-8 vegetable & fruit counters could be on the ground with just a mat under each counter and 1 chair for the seller… just like we see small vendors in the Mapusa / Panjiim / Margao markets.

No Objection Certificate will be required from Panchayat for public venues. People doing the market in their own premises can just inform the Panchayat in writing. For a restaurant, wellness center, which is a commercial premise with commercial approvals, there will be no problem. They also can just inform the Panchayat in writing.

Sellers have to take an approval of what they plan to sell from Mr.Ranon Thomas on 8888409687.

If a seller has organic certification they can laminate it and keep it in a frame at their counter. If sellers don’t have organic certification, they must have a laminated Affidavit on Rs.50 stamp paper, which says that they have not used any chemicals in their soil or in their water or sprayed on their produce at any time or in the further processing and packaging of their produce. Both types of sellers should also keep xerox copies of their document to give to any buyer who asks. Sellers who do not have either of these cannot sell on this market. If sellers are selling the produce of friends, they should have the friend’s affidavit with them at the market.

Buyers who say they can’t believe legal affidavits or even organic certificates, will have to go and test the soils and waters and produce of sellers themselves. The organizers of Earth Keepers Market do not have the authority to certify that produce is organic, so they don’t guarantee the same.

This document is made by Darryl D’Souza


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